The process of suctioning fat from under the skin is called liposuction. The most frequent problem areas include chin, neck, upper arms, belly, hips, thighs (inside and outside), and the knees. The body areas where a liposuction is to be carried out are injected with a special solution (tumescence), which prepares the fat cells for the liposuction and anaesthetises the skin in the area.

Surgery time1 to 3 hours
Narcosislocal anesthetic or general anesthesia
Presentabilityafter 3 to 5 days
Workablenessafter 1 to 2 weeks

After the fat is removed using special tubes, the patients must wear surgical stockings or other surgical clothing in order to suppress the production of tissue fluid. Whether or not an improvement can be expected through a surgical intervention can only be determined during a personal discussion and following a thorough examination.