Breast Surgery for a Graceful Female Appearance

Dr. Tilman Ferbert’s centre for cosmetic and plastic surgery in Mainz offers a comprehensive range of services for professional breast surgery. Breast surgery in Mainz includes breast augmentation and reduction, breast lift, surgical correction of nipples and the treatment of the enlarged male breast (gynaecomastia).

Breast surgery is one of the areas of cosmetic surgery not just in Mainz, where most treatments take place. Dr. Ferbert offers his patients cutting edge surgical procedures, which provide the best medical and aesthetic results and are medically justifiable.

The female breast is a symbol of attractiveness and femininity. Pregnancies and age usually lead to a change in the breasts, which is perceived negatively by many women. Breast surgery in Mainz offers efficient solutions for breast augmentation, reduction and lifting. Even diseases such as cancer can lead to breast deformation, which can be corrected by Dr. Ferbert by means of proven methods of breast surgery in Mainz. Men with large breasts opt for the practice for breast surgery in Mainz to reduce the chest girth.

A reliable, personal consultation as part of a detailed examination forms the basis for every treatment at Dr. Ferbert’s practice for breast surgery in Mainz.