Breast Enlargement

A breast enlargement is a surgery during which an implant is inserted into the breast in order to enhance its size and shape. Prior to the operation, the patient needs to discuss a number of important points with the plastic surgeon: What kind of incision will be made to insert the implant? Will the implant be located above or below the breast muscle? What shape has the implant i.e. is it round or drop-shaped?

Surgery timeabout 60 minutes
Narcosisgeneral anesthesia
Hospitalizationoutpatient or stationary
Presentabilityafter 14 days
Workablenessafter 14 days

As with all areas of plastic surgery, but especially with this operation, it is very important to address the various aspects in order to achieve an optimal result. The nature of this surgical procedure requires personal talks and a thorough physical examination before a decision is made.