Breast Lifting

The goal of such a surgery is to lift the individual breast as a whole and, if necessary, to remove tissue. Pregnancies with lactation periods, the aging process and gravity lead to the sagging of breasts. These processes can be halted at least temporarily through a so-called rhytidectomy to tighten the tissue.

Surgery time2 to 3 hourse
Narcosisgeneral anesthesia
Hospitalisationambulant or stationary
Presentabilityafter 3 to 5 days
Workablenessafter 1 to 2 weeks

However, no kind of surgery can permanently eliminate the effects of gravity. In order to achieve a firm and youthful result rhytidectomies can be carried out using breast implants. Which exact procedure is the best for a patient can only be determined in personal talks and following a thorough examination.