Face Lifting

With advancing age, the human face shows the effects of gravity, exposure to sunlight as well as the strain of everyday life. Visible signs include the deepening of wrinkles between the nose and mouth, sagging of the chin pattern and obvious fat pads around the neck. Face lifting (i.e. rhytidectomy) cannot stop the aging process.

Surgery time2 to 3 hours
Narcosisgeneral anesthesia
Presentabilityafter 3 to 5 days
Workablenessafter 5 to 7 days

However, it is possible to turn back the clock by surgically minimising the most obvious signs of aging such as excess skin, fat depots and droopy muscles in the face and neck area. The specially enhanced areas include the cheeks, the chin and the entire neck area. A face lifting can be carried out singularly or in combination with other lifting surgeries in the facial area, including eyelids and forehead, or a nose correction.