Burn Repair Surgery

Burn repair surgery is an important focus of the treatment offered by Dr. Tilman Ferbert’s centre for plastic and cosmetic surgery. The specialist burn repair surgeon offers various methods of treatment, which have proven themselves over and over in modern burn repair surgery.

Burns of large sections of the skin result in scarring, which is referred to as burn scar contracture. In the process, the edges of the wound are contracted, which not only results in unsightly scars, but also affects tendons and muscles. This leads to restricted movement, probably accompanied by sensation of acute pain.

The task of burn repair surgery is to eliminate or minimise the effects of the burns. This is done by surgical correction either by transplantation of the affected sections of the skin or by a so-called flap technique. Dr. med. Ferbert is a well-known and certified expert in burn repair surgery and, in addition to the above-mentioned methods, he also offers special techniques, which lead to skin reconstruction and restoration of the mobility of the patient as far as possible. Detailed examination and consultation at Dr. med. Ferbert’s practice for burn repair surgery are the prerequisites for a professional and experienced assessment of the success prospects of the patient for healing or improvement.