Morbus Dupuytren

Dupuytren’s contracture (morbus dupuytren) is an ailment of the palmar fascia which is located directly beneath the skin of the palm. There, compact scar tissue forms and can spread to the fingers (mostly the ring finger is affected) and pulls them towards the palm of the hand. This greatly reduces the flexibility of the fingers. As of today, it is yet unclear why the ailment occurs and what characterises the affected population.

Surgery time1 to 2 hours
Narcosislocal anesthetic or general anesthesia
Workablenessafter 2 to 3 weeks

However, there seems to be a familial disposition. Surgery is the only therapy for Dupuytren’s contracture, whereby the right timing is crucial. Whether or not surgery is already required can only be determined following personal talks and thorough examinations.