Reconstructive Surgery

Defect coverage, wound treatment, scar correction and breast augmentation, as well as facial surgery are fields of ​​plastic surgery, which can be attributed to reconstructive surgery, and are the additional focus of the range of treatments, offered by Dr. Tilman Ferbert’s centre for cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery deals with the restoration of deformed body surfaces, which are deformed or scarred by illness or accident, or may also be hereditary.

Reconstructive surgery is applied, for example, after skin burns, after tumour operations, or it is used to correct congenital malformations. The challenges faced by the surgeon in reconstructive surgery are very diverse and the demands on his professional skills are accordingly high. The different indications call for a great variety of methods, which are applied in Dr. Ferbert’s practice for cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Cutting edge microsurgery techniques have been partly used for the transplantation of large sections of the skin and they have led to great success of reconstructive surgery, for example, in the treatment of partial facial paralysis or major bone defects.

Dr. Ferbert’s high professional skills and vast experience enables him to decide on the method of the reconstructive surgery and the tissue used.